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Feels so good to be BACK!


I missed blogging a lot. yup a whole lot of it. a few months ago i was advised to go on complete bed rest. you might be asking why, my husband and I are expecting our second bundle of joy!! we’re going to have a baby!! yup. I am currently on my 3rd trimester already. I’m expecting to have our baby girl sometime in july, and we are so excited. Yes! we are having a GIRL. My pregnancy hasn’t been easy though. I was put on bed rest a lot. It’s like every other month something goes wrong and I just had to rest. I miss going to our farm, going to the mall and all the awesome stuffs I used to do. Every pregnancy is different though, but all of it is worth the wait and the sacrifices that we had to make just to keep my baby and me safe. I had to drink some meds, increase my iron intake and all those stuffs. It even got to the point where I had to consume 3-4 liters of water EVERYDAY because my amniotic fluid level was below normal. Good thing the summer heat made me comply to drinking that much amount of water.

As of now, from my latest prenatal check up and ultrasound everything is ok for now. My baby girl is in cephalic position and is growing very strong! My vitals and weight is normal and no more morning sickness every after hour for me! YAY! I just have to maintain my diet and my vitamins. I am one excited mommy! A few more weeks is all it takes. a few more sacrifices then im gonna see my baby girl soon. I know everything is going to be worth the wait.

putting up my latest picture. Proud of being pregnant again. This picture was taken durinh our recent high school reunion. Will blog more soon!!


with my high school bestfriends


Me and one of my grade school bestfriend Rachelle!