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Feels so good to be BACK!


I missed blogging a lot. yup a whole lot of it. a few months ago i was advised to go on complete bed rest. you might be asking why, my husband and I are expecting our second bundle of joy!! we’re going to have a baby!! yup. I am currently on my 3rd trimester already. I’m expecting to have our baby girl sometime in july, and we are so excited. Yes! we are having a GIRL. My pregnancy hasn’t been easy though. I was put on bed rest a lot. It’s like every other month something goes wrong and I just had to rest. I miss going to our farm, going to the mall and all the awesome stuffs I used to do. Every pregnancy is different though, but all of it is worth the wait and the sacrifices that we had to make just to keep my baby and me safe. I had to drink some meds, increase my iron intake and all those stuffs. It even got to the point where I had to consume 3-4 liters of water EVERYDAY because my amniotic fluid level was below normal. Good thing the summer heat made me comply to drinking that much amount of water.

As of now, from my latest prenatal check up and ultrasound everything is ok for now. My baby girl is in cephalic position and is growing very strong! My vitals and weight is normal and no more morning sickness every after hour for me! YAY! I just have to maintain my diet and my vitamins. I am one excited mommy! A few more weeks is all it takes. a few more sacrifices then im gonna see my baby girl soon. I know everything is going to be worth the wait.

putting up my latest picture. Proud of being pregnant again. This picture was taken durinh our recent high school reunion. Will blog more soon!!


with my high school bestfriends


Me and one of my grade school bestfriend Rachelle!


You’re Doing OK , Mom!


I saw this youtube video on facebook a few days ago, and i was captivated by it. As a first time mom when thirdy was still a baby, i had a hard time adjusting to my new body clock and everything that has to do with babies. Lucky for me because my mother was always there to help me. It was tough! It felt like everything that i was doing was wrong, or maybe it was just the post partum events that was taking over me by that time. All i could say, everything that i did during those early moments of my son’s life was my motherly instincts. Everything will just fall through. You just have to be patient and be very open to yourself. Motherhood is one of the best thing that has ever happened to me! My son will always be my everyday miracle! to be a mother is a gift that everyone should enjoy and be thankful for.

For those of you who are first time moms or expecting mothers to be, don’t worry, everything will be all right. Just pray and always remember that being a mother is innate characteristic of a woman. So you don’t have to worry much. Enjoy motherhood!

*this video is not mine. just copied this on youtube.

What would you do?


Some of you may have seen this video already, but I really love this clip. I think this is just part of a small movie.

The first time I saw this video was during our 4th year college recollection when I was still in Cebu. This video made me cry so much. I can feel the pain that the father felt while he lowered down the lever. Those people inside the train didn’t even notice the pain of the father, they just kept on with their lives.

I will always be thankful to God for loving me this way. despite all of my mistakes, shortcomings and sins that i have done, He sacrificed His only son for me to be saved!

This is my favorite passage from the Bible. The one that gave meaning to my life, to do good and to praise God all through out my life.

John 3:16

For God so loved the world, that He gave us His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but will have eternal life.





GRANT! Yes that’s Grant. He’s real name is GRANT RONALD KADEN G. SALISE, born September 1, 2009 at 2:51pm through Cesarean Section. Yup, my very first operation. It was a last minute decision to have me in cesarean because my baby’s position was breached. I was so scared and was crying my heart out in my OB-GYNE’s clinic, which they all thought that i might get into labor any minute because i was so stressed. I wasn’t prepared emotionally and physically, I have always pictured myself to be in labor. To really know how it felt like, they said that you will really feel the essence of being a mother after you’ve gone through all the labor pains. Well in my opinion, i have felt all the pain in the world too after my operation. I didn’t know that I am not allowed to automatically stand up when i woke up the next day, well no one told me that it would hurt so much. The healing process and the recovery after the operation took its toll on me, not to mention the sleepless nights, the postpartum blues (which i thought that i was going crazy, but its normal). For me, I have fully experienced the essence of being a mother, and that;s having to go through every pain, hardships and all the patience in the world just to see your little angel and to have him wrap in your arms.

For me, the birth of my son was everything to me and my husband. My son is the first grandchild of my parents, and it has been a very long time since there was a baby in our house. I am very blessed to have my mom with me through out the event that i came home from the hospital. I got all the baby 101 tutorial straight from my mother who had all of us through normal delivery. My mom taught me everything that i needed to know in taking care of my son, how to make him burp, the right way to do breastfeeding, how to clean his belly button, how to make him shush during those nights that he wasn’t feeling all friendly with me and his daddy, ohh lucky me!

Those were the times that I thought to myself that I really owe my mom for everything,the sacrifices that she made for me when i was still days old, the sleepless nights and all the patience in the world when I just wanted to cry all day long, Those days were the confirmation that mothers will really do everything and anything for their kids.

Now my son is growing up fast. The things he does today speaks about how grown up he is already. He’s always running, climbing, dancing, singing and running again, then watches tv then plays on the ipod. I am even a proud parent because he knows how to make the sign of the cross already. He says thank you, Im sorry and excuse me. Toddler things is what he does best right now, and im not complaining. I just want him to enjoy his childhood like i did.

I am so thankful to the Lord for GRANTING me the opportunity to become a mother.