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TVD S1, S2 and S3 Bloopers


Video by (MCRdeathGod)

So I was fidgeting my phone hours ago looking what am I going to write today for Fashion-Friday (Different topics for different days so that i have a guide what to write. hehehe) Anyways, while i was looking any interesting fashion videos on You Tube, I stumbled on this video. Since I am a great fan of the very talked about “The Vampire Diaries” I was very curious what the actors would look like when they’re caught off guard or make some small mistakes during their takes. Since the Vampire Diaries shows a lot of emotion like love, anger, revenge and resentment, I’d like to see them in a whole another side which is them, being just their self on set.

I have a few favorite parts of the video. One was where Nina Dobrev (Elena Gilbert) accidentally pulled the Statue over that led to Paul Wesley (Stefan Salvatore) saying “Oh my God!”. Second one was when Nina Dobrev (playing the role of Katherine Petrova) accidentally stepped on her own dress and fell to the ground while she was trying to let Ian Somerhalder (Damon Salvatore) chase her. This part Ian was laughing so hard. But my favorite part of the video was the last part. Where Ian Introduced himself to Taylor Kinney (Mason Lockwood) as Ian. They were all laughing so hard! They sure know have to have fun in the set but at the end, they deliver their lines and acting so well that they can really capture the hearts and emotions of their viewers.

Light moments guys! hope you guys enjoy the Video!


Game of Thrones



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At first, i have always wondered what people were talking about this new HBO series last year, but i havent given a thought of watching it because i was so hooked up on Supernatural and Pretty Little Liars.

While i was watching the Emmy’s last year, Peter Dinklage (also known in the series as Tyrion Lannister “the Imp”) won the title as Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series. I was curious on how his acting was on Game of Thrones that made him win that award.

So Early this year, i finihed watching some of the series that i have downloaded, i thought of going backto reading. So i posted on Facebook and asked some frieds what books could they recommend me to read. A few books were suggested but there were 2 that caught my interest in their titles, which was the hunger games trilogy, and The Game of Thrones also. So i decided i should first watch the TV series of The Game of Thrones. The Verdict? I am inlove all over again! the plot of the story and the cast has left me wanting for more episodes! the characters of the series were portrayed in an excellent manner! This is how i became a fan of Peter Dinklage! He acts the part right, and i loveTyrion Lannister’s character too. After finishing the whole season 1, I starte to read the first book. A song of Fire and Ice on my iphone. since i love the story as it progressed on the book, I am now going to buy the paperback version, because a book like this deserves to be displayed in my mini library. Now waiting for te other episodes in season 2! thanks to all my twitter friends who encouraged me to watch this show! Will be reading the books a few days from now, and i am so excited.