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Somethings that comes in random to me everyday!

Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.
– Dr. Seuss

“You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching,
Love like you’ll never be hurt,
Sing like there’s nobody listening,
And live like it’s heaven on earth.”
― William W. Purkey

Feels so good to be BACK!


I missed blogging a lot. yup a whole lot of it. a few months ago i was advised to go on complete bed rest. you might be asking why, my husband and I are expecting our second bundle of joy!! we’re going to have a baby!! yup. I am currently on my 3rd trimester already. I’m expecting to have our baby girl sometime in july, and we are so excited. Yes! we are having a GIRL. My pregnancy hasn’t been easy though. I was put on bed rest a lot. It’s like every other month something goes wrong and I just had to rest. I miss going to our farm, going to the mall and all the awesome stuffs I used to do. Every pregnancy is different though, but all of it is worth the wait and the sacrifices that we had to make just to keep my baby and me safe. I had to drink some meds, increase my iron intake and all those stuffs. It even got to the point where I had to consume 3-4 liters of water EVERYDAY because my amniotic fluid level was below normal. Good thing the summer heat made me comply to drinking that much amount of water.

As of now, from my latest prenatal check up and ultrasound everything is ok for now. My baby girl is in cephalic position and is growing very strong! My vitals and weight is normal and no more morning sickness every after hour for me! YAY! I just have to maintain my diet and my vitamins. I am one excited mommy! A few more weeks is all it takes. a few more sacrifices then im gonna see my baby girl soon. I know everything is going to be worth the wait.

putting up my latest picture. Proud of being pregnant again. This picture was taken durinh our recent high school reunion. Will blog more soon!!


with my high school bestfriends


Me and one of my grade school bestfriend Rachelle!


my new york day!

my new york day!
Someday when I find myself standing at the middle of Times Square! this is what my outfit would be. Simple yet can be formal when i want to go to watch some Broadway shows or go to museums. I like the simplicity of it. I love that I chose to wear a wedge, because it makes me look taller and at the same time i wont find it hard to roam around the city and going on public transport would just be a breeze for my feet! I love having with me a large bag! I’m the kind of person who loves to bring a lot of things with me, because simply I just don’t want to forget anything!



source: Photobucket

Good morning guys! today i woul like to thank all of my friends! They have always been there when i needed someone to talk to! I dont have a lot of friends, but i have a few TRUE friends that would stick by my side no matter what. Distance is not a hindrance to continue the friendship that we have!

Take time to appreciate the friends who are always there for you. you never know they might need a friend today, and that might be you!

lots of love!

The 1st of September


3 years ago i gave birth to a healthy baby boy via Cesarean Section. We were the happiest parents that day! Now my son is happy to celebrate his 3rd birthday. For months and weeks he has always been telling us that he wants to have Spiderman on his birthday, so we really worked hard to give him a Spiderman themed birthday. When we went to the party organized that i liked, they said that they don’t have a Spiderman themed party. Since Thirdy loves Jake and the neverland pirates, I chose that theme for him but made his cake Spiderman themed. I guess he got the best of both worlds. Last Saturday, during his birthdayt, It started to rain so hard during lunch time, and I was very scared if the kids could still come because the weather was not that great. Then my husband had to go on a seminar that was last minute announced to them. Good thing my husband was able to catch up at the party! when I got there my cousin Gelo was there as promised to make what he called as “croquembuche” which by the way tasted so good! My 2 best Friends in the world was there also to help me set the table and everything. Thank you very much Elaine Butron and Kring Escano (we miss you Jiselle Fuentes) The party went great and the kids enjoyed the game and the mommies too! That day was such a happy day for thirdy, the kids enjoyed also the free ice cream and the cotton candies. I would give everything to see my son happy on his birthday! Thank you very much to PYCO fun factory for hosting yet again my son’s birthday. Thank you very much to all who came and made my son’s birthday extra special! to my family who made this possible thank you so much! To my sister kristine for making the cupcakes extra special and for those yummy chocolate chip cookies! For my sister-in-law thank you for those yummy fried chicken and meaty spaghetti that you made! I’m sure the kids liked it so much!

My sister made these spiderman cupcakes for my little man. 


Thirdy’s spiderman cake by The cake Studio


my little family with my mom. my papa wasn’t able to come because of the rain and he was stranded at our farm. 


with my husband’s siblings! thanks a lot Manang Grace for cooking all the food!!! 



This is the  “croquembuche”that my cousin Gelo made! thanks a lot kuya! for coming and for fulfilling your promise to me! hehehe


The Birthday boy! happy happy birthday love! we love you so much! I know you enjoyed your Jake/ Spiderman Birthday party! 

Going mobile on BB


Hi guys! Yesterday my iphone plunged into a bucket of water. I know I know how stupid of me huhuhu but Life and Love must go on. I mostly do some of my blogging on mobile since I have so much work today that requires me to travel a lot. I do hope and pray that my iphone will still turn on. See you soon for the next blogging episode of me guys! Hehe thanks..

Don’t be afraid of your past



Photo credits to ZsaZsa Bellagio

“Don’t let your past dictate who you are, but let it be part of who you will become.” -My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002)

Saw this reposted on twitter, and I agree on what it says. For me,I chose to look at life in a very positive way. The things that happened in the past, the mistakes I made are Life’s greatest lesson to me. If I hadn’t done those things, I wouldnt have what I have right now. Everyone, I think has that one mistake that you wish you could undo. That one mistake that made you wish that you could have done something. I believe that everything happens for a reason.I may not have known it before, but I know today that I learned many valuable lessons. Sometimes, some people think negatively of the past. It’s as if as something that’s chasing you. For me, my past is a reminder to me of how human I am. That I make mistakes, I learn from it, and it made me a better person that I am today. I have always asked myself before, why do people leave and hurt me so much? At that time I would always doubt myself if I have been a good person or not. Then, I came to realize that those persons who came and left me or those people who have hurt me in the past, or those that led me to make bad decisions before are just instruments to make me be thankful for what I have today.

I beleive that you create your own destiny, this day will become your past, make the most of it. Life is what you make it. Dont be afraid or be ashamed of your past, because if you look inside yourself, you know deep down that somewhere in your past, you learned great leasons in life. Think positive always, you control your life. Don’t bother listening to people who are constantly bringing you down because of the things that you did in the past. Rise up and prove to them that you are now a better person because you survived the hardships and trials that went your way.

I can say, that I am a living proof that the past does not define you. It is what molds you into a better person for others! It made me realize that I should value life and love myself more. That’s why today I feel so blessed to have my husband and son with me. Other people may judge me, but as long as I have faith in God that I can do better and rise up above all the trials and hardships, there’s no use of being afraid of the past!

Think positive, all is not lost. Always remember that Life is a journey, not a problem to be solved. Enjoy every bit of it, have fun today, for tommorw is uncertain. All we can do is just pray that the Lord will guide us through our everyday decisions.

Good vibes to all of you my dear readers! =)

DIY Door-Name-Hanger


A few weeks ago, I posted my DIY crates as shelf and is now being used in our newly built cabin for rent. Over the long weekend i was looking around the house for any other recyclable materials that i may use to make te door name hangers for our room for rent also. I realized That we had a lot of old dvds. I thought of creating something out of them as they are taking a huge space over our tv. With a little help from my mom and my husband, I am very proud to have made this!

my finished product! yay!!

So this is how I made this.I hope you could bare with me on this DIY post of mine. hehehe

These are the materials that you will be needing

First, I printed out letters to the name of the rooms that I will be making. Then my mom helped me buy cutting the letters one by one. Make sure that the letters are large enough to be read. I used georgia for the font and the size of the font as 200.


Next is that I traced the dvds on the scrap cloth that I had. That scrap cloth was a trimming of our buntings that we made for our coffee shop. I traced the number of dvds according to the number of letters for the room. Then, I let my husband cut out the cloth carefully as to follow the lines that were made.


I hope you could bare with me on the next steps. I havent taken any pictures further because my phone’s battery got drained. But don’t worry, the next fee steps are very easy!

After all the circles were cut out, I used the shiney part of the DVD (the part of the dvd opposite the label) and placed glue all over it. I used an average amount just to cover the whole dvd. Then i carefully placed the cloth over it. Wait for 10-15 minutes for it to dry. Then I placed the cut out letters in the center od the dvd. Continue doong that till all of the letters can now be read. Then I made small roses using the crepe paper and placed it somewhere that it can be recognized. I also use the scrap bias tape to make a rose.

Then I cut small pieces of the crepe paper made it into a small paper mache circle then outlined the dvds.It is very important that you measure first the dvds to the door so that you’ll know what design to use to make it fit. After measuring, I used the glue gun to put the dvds together then i let my husband put more hot glue at the back of the dvds before i could place them on the door.

Now you can sit back and enjoy your creation! I hope you guys enjoy it and I promise, the next time I make a tutorial, I post more detailed photos! hehehe thank you!