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i love to bake and cook! i love the smell of garlic and the sound of my mixer!

“You can’t just eat good food. You’ve got to talk about it too. And you’ve got to talk about it to somebody who understands that kind of food.”
― Kurt Vonnegut, Jailbird

“There is no love sincerer than the love of food.”
― George Bernard Shaw, Man and Superman

Lefty’s at CDO



Looking for the hottest chicken in town? Well no need to look much further. Lefty’s has the answer to all those craving moments for buffalo wings. Located at J.R. Borja extension beside Forth and Tay, Cagayan de Oro City. Last night me and my siblings wanted to eat out and we decided to try their wings and burgers over at Lefty’s. The place is so nice with all the color yellow everywhere makes it a warm place to stay. The place is simple but very cozy. The staff are great too.


                         The counter



View from the outside. Just a reminder though yiu may want to go there at an early hour because the parking is very hard to come by.

So this is what we ordered.

My husband ordered the 4 pcs chicken wings where you have to choose between classic buffalo, or the hotest chicken of all the lefty’s sauce. So i asked him how was it, he said he liked the tangy taste and the way the wings were cooked were perfect.

As for me and my brother, we tried the Chilli Cheeseburger. All i coukd say was that their patty was very well seasoned and very juicy. I love the mix of the chilli con carne with the cheese. The buns were warm and didnt took all of the burger plate. Hehe its proportion is enough to feed one.


Ohhh so yummu I think i want another more of this today! Hehe

And if your bringing your kiddo along they also have a meal which consists of a fried chicken wing with rice.

The price is very affordable. Their burger ranges from 110-125 pesos, but im sure that the burgers are worth what your paying. The chicken wings depends on the number of wings. For 2 buffalo wing we orderes we payed only 85 pesos. The price range isnt so bad at all. Hehehe

So if you’re looking for those hot wings around CDO don’t forget to drop by at lefty’s!!!


                  Meals for the kiddos


   My husband enjoying his wings! Yum!


                 My kid and my siblings.




Mother’s day is just around the corner. here in the Philippines it has always been celebrated every 2nd Sunday of the month of May. I’m sure everybody would be looking for a great way to celebrate that day of thanking their beloved mothers for all the sacrifices that they have made for them.

As for me, i might give my mama something sweet on her birthday. Now im wondering what my husband and baby boy will give me on that day?

My mother has always been a very good baker! Her favorite cake to bake was her famous Carrot Cake. My sister followed her footsteps and became a culinary student and now a chef.

I now present to tou guys my sister’s Red Velvet Cake! This is my Red Affair. As you can see, the design of thi cake makes it a good gift for mothers on mother’s day. The rose design on the cake makes you think that you’re giving your lovely mothers a cake and also a dozen white roses. I love the design so much, it makes me think how pure and how beautiful a mother’s love can be.

Beneath that love frosting is a Red Velvet Cake. The taste of the cake compliments the slight sweetness og the frosting. The cake itself is very soft and very delectable. I wasnt a fan of Red Velvet Cakes before, but having to try my sister’s cake makes me think that next to having a chocolate cake addiction, i am having a red affair with her Red Velvet.

This is why i find this cake suitable for a gift on mother’s day, the cale is very soft and yummy, just like a mothers heart. full of warmth and love represented by the Red Velvet cake. and the rose designed frosting makes ut extra special, of course you only want the best gift for your mom! the best thing about the whole cake, i that you can share it with the whole family.

Advance Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms in the world! happy mother’s day to my mama and my mother-in-law