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my new york day!

my new york day!
Someday when I find myself standing at the middle of Times Square! this is what my outfit would be. Simple yet can be formal when i want to go to watch some Broadway shows or go to museums. I like the simplicity of it. I love that I chose to wear a wedge, because it makes me look taller and at the same time i wont find it hard to roam around the city and going on public transport would just be a breeze for my feet! I love having with me a large bag! I’m the kind of person who loves to bring a lot of things with me, because simply I just don’t want to forget anything!




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Good morning guys! today i woul like to thank all of my friends! They have always been there when i needed someone to talk to! I dont have a lot of friends, but i have a few TRUE friends that would stick by my side no matter what. Distance is not a hindrance to continue the friendship that we have!

Take time to appreciate the friends who are always there for you. you never know they might need a friend today, and that might be you!

lots of love!

The 1st of September


3 years ago i gave birth to a healthy baby boy via Cesarean Section. We were the happiest parents that day! Now my son is happy to celebrate his 3rd birthday. For months and weeks he has always been telling us that he wants to have Spiderman on his birthday, so we really worked hard to give him a Spiderman themed birthday. When we went to the party organized that i liked, they said that they don’t have a Spiderman themed party. Since Thirdy loves Jake and the neverland pirates, I chose that theme for him but made his cake Spiderman themed. I guess he got the best of both worlds. Last Saturday, during his birthdayt, It started to rain so hard during lunch time, and I was very scared if the kids could still come because the weather was not that great. Then my husband had to go on a seminar that was last minute announced to them. Good thing my husband was able to catch up at the party! when I got there my cousin Gelo was there as promised to make what he called as “croquembuche” which by the way tasted so good! My 2 best Friends in the world was there also to help me set the table and everything. Thank you very much Elaine Butron and Kring Escano (we miss you Jiselle Fuentes) The party went great and the kids enjoyed the game and the mommies too! That day was such a happy day for thirdy, the kids enjoyed also the free ice cream and the cotton candies. I would give everything to see my son happy on his birthday! Thank you very much to PYCO fun factory for hosting yet again my son’s birthday. Thank you very much to all who came and made my son’s birthday extra special! to my family who made this possible thank you so much! To my sister kristine for making the cupcakes extra special and for those yummy chocolate chip cookies! For my sister-in-law thank you for those yummy fried chicken and meaty spaghetti that you made! I’m sure the kids liked it so much!

My sister made these spiderman cupcakes for my little man. 


Thirdy’s spiderman cake by The cake Studio


my little family with my mom. my papa wasn’t able to come because of the rain and he was stranded at our farm. 


with my husband’s siblings! thanks a lot Manang Grace for cooking all the food!!! 



This is the  “croquembuche”that my cousin Gelo made! thanks a lot kuya! for coming and for fulfilling your promise to me! hehehe


The Birthday boy! happy happy birthday love! we love you so much! I know you enjoyed your Jake/ Spiderman Birthday party!