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Aaron’s Last Wish




Have you guys seen the movie Pay it forward? It was a movie in the year 2000 played by Helen Hunt and Kevin Spacey and also Haley Joel Osment. For those of you who haven’t, let me share to you a brief description of the movie. It’s a bout a school project of a boy where in his teacher told them that their assignment was to think of something on how they could change the world. There is this one boy who decided to pay it forward. It’s when someone does a good thing to you, you repay the favor not “back” but to 3 more strangers.“it must be something that’s very hard to do. something that they can’t do on their own”.

For me, this was the best film that i have ever seen in school. When i was in second year high school, our values teacher made us watch this film as part of our values education lecture. I must say that I fell in love with the movie and at that point somehow it changed my life.

Yesterday as I was browsing on my google+ account, i saw this video that went viral on YouTube. It’s about a guy named Aaron Collins who dies just recently. It was his last wish that every time his family would go out to eat dinner, they should give the waiter/waitress 500$ tip. So the family asked for donations and then the first time they gave it was to a waitress.  When the waitress said that it’s just like the movie pay it forward, i was so touched. i remember that movie like it was just like yesterday. There are still a lot of people who still believe that if we do kindness, we should not expect something in return. It is the act of changing ones life that we find it so rewarding to have helped another person. I believe that it is through kindness that peace, true peace will really begin.

please visit this link guys to know more about Aaron Collins. I am hoping that we too could do kindness even in our small little ways. A small step might lead to something greater.

When someone does you a big favor, don’t pay it back… Pay It Forward _Pay it forward (2000)




Music soothes me…


The first time i saw this video is while I was browsing on my google+ account. I was so amazed by them at how much fun they were having while playing the piano. The music that they played was very interesting, I’m sure a lot of teenage girls know who the one direction is. Well as for me, I’m not a teenage girl anymore but I do like the one direction.

anyway, i was watching this while i was up all night trying to nurse my sick son. By just watching this video, i was de-stressed. It made me smile, it made me hum with the music.It basically relaxed me from a tired night. So i began to look for more videos of these guys, and alas i found more!

I used to play the piano when i was still a kid, but because i am not that much inclined to playing musical instruments at that time )plus i shifted from music to dancing which by the way is my forte. It made me realized, that i should have practiced more my piano skills. It’s a plus for me also because i love listening to someone who knows how to play musical instruments.

One thing I noticed too on the video is that most of them are wearing wedding rings! And I said to myself, their wives are very lucky to have husbands like them!! and If i was their daughter, i could say that I have one of the coolest dads!

you will really enjoy their music! you can subscribe to them on (

Credits of the video to:ThePianoGuys. you could also follow them on twitter (

* i do not own this video.



Hi guys. i was hoping to expand more on my blogs, well i was just testing which one is more user friendly, either WordPress or Blogspot. As for the verdict i find them all awesome. If you have time I hope you can visit my other blog, will try to make different blog topics for each! Thank you!!

When he smiles



Every morning I wake up thanking God that I’m alive, and most of all I thank Him because of my everyday miracle waking up beside me asking for his bottle of milk.

The best feeling in the world is to see your child smile and laugh. For me, my son is the one that makes my heart melt, gives me butterflies in the stomach and makes me drop on my knees. Well, the love for my husband is different from my son in a different level.

I feel so blessed and so lucky that I am a mother! It is a feeling so rewarding and so fulfilling. I would do anything just to see him smile! Those smiling eyes that asks me “mommy, whats wrong?” when he thinks that I am sad. That smile that greets me “good morning mommy kat” every waking day I have. The laughter he makes when I tickle him or when his daddy makes those funny sounds when they’re playing!

When he smiles, I remember God that made him specially for me and my husband. That angelic face, that contagious smile he makes that made my father smile the day he saw my son inside the nursery of the hospital.

When he smiles, it makes me thank the Lord, how lucky are we to have him, and how blessed my son is that he has a family that loves him to bits!

I love my son’s smile! it makes me feel that I am loved and blessed with the best gift that I could ever ask!

Boracay 2012 (water activity day!)


Hi guys, sorry i was out for a couple of days! I’ve been very busy being a housewife as i will be working fulltime soon on our small business in Bukidnon. Anyways, I’m going to continue my travel blog about our Family trip at Boracay last summer.

After the Island hopping, the next day we decided to do water activities the whole day. So first stop, we went to go Banana Boat Riding. It was my first time to try it and I was very excited to try. the whole family was up for it. My other sister, was our photographer as she has rode the banana boat already. It was very hilarious as we were all laughing and trying to keep our eyes open because the salt water was getting inside our eyes! At first we said that if they could extend our 15 minutes banana boat ride to 20 because we thought that 15 minutes was too short. Little did we know that 15 minutes was a very long adventure packed laugh trip time! My Family did enjoy the whole banana boat ride.


Getting ready to ride the banana boat.


having fun yet?! hehehe


super duper wet! prepare to be soaking wet when trying this ride! hehe


Having fun the Banana Way!


I tell you guys, this is the best water adventure activity that we ever did in Boracay as a whole family! In this ride we did a lot of screaming-shouting-cursing(a bit.. hehehe)-crying-laughing time. We were as if holding on for our dear lives! It was so much fun because we were laughing and holding on to the raft which was very slippery by the way because of the water, and it was being pulled by a small speed boat. The whole 15 mins was filled with a lot of adrenaline rush for us! My sister and her boyfriend got thrown out of the raft a couple of times! My brother who was also on a separate raft with my mother was thrown out also! They said, you’re flying fish experience wont be the same if you weren’t thrown out. So if you want an adrenaline rush water activity try the Flying Fish, you wont regret it!


holding on!!


see our screaming faces? hehe


my mom enjoying the ride!


We were very excited to do helmet diving because its our first time also. After the nerve wracking, muscle clenching adrenaline pumping flying fish ride, we headed down to the middle of the sea. We rode a small pump boat going to the dive area. We chose to dive using the oxygen tanks instead of using the helmets using compressor for you to breath under water. So our helmet dive was a bit expensive. So before we went on to dive, we had a short orientation on the do’s and don’ts while we’re underwater. Our package also included pictures and videos of us under water!

What a way to end our water activity day! We went home to our hotel with sore arms and muscles but it was all worth it! Remembering those times still bring smiles to us! It was indeed an adventure!

Banana Boat – 350 per person

Flying Fish – 600 per person

Helmet diving – 900 per person. (pictures and video included)

*Prices are subjected to change depending on the tour package we got a discounted price because there were so many of us.


my sister on the deck before helmet diving


this is where we signed up for our waivers.


Don’t mind my brother’s reaction. hehehe This is the deck where we would be having our helmet dive.


This is us after the whole day of water activities in Boracay!!

You’re Doing OK , Mom!


I saw this youtube video on facebook a few days ago, and i was captivated by it. As a first time mom when thirdy was still a baby, i had a hard time adjusting to my new body clock and everything that has to do with babies. Lucky for me because my mother was always there to help me. It was tough! It felt like everything that i was doing was wrong, or maybe it was just the post partum events that was taking over me by that time. All i could say, everything that i did during those early moments of my son’s life was my motherly instincts. Everything will just fall through. You just have to be patient and be very open to yourself. Motherhood is one of the best thing that has ever happened to me! My son will always be my everyday miracle! to be a mother is a gift that everyone should enjoy and be thankful for.

For those of you who are first time moms or expecting mothers to be, don’t worry, everything will be all right. Just pray and always remember that being a mother is innate characteristic of a woman. So you don’t have to worry much. Enjoy motherhood!

*this video is not mine. just copied this on youtube.

Island Hopping in Boracay (Crystal Cove Experience)


First of all, I want to say that during the duration of our island hopping in Boracay, my sister and I were taking pictures and posting it on instagram. I could really say that SMART’s signal was very clear and strong even if we were traveling on the pump boat!

Ok, so we started to look for different contact persons on where we can get our island hopping tour. A lot of people would offer you different packages some with different price rates as you stroll along the street. We have canvassed a lot of island hopping tours, but I could say that we got the best. It was the best for us because the guide was very kind and courteous. We took his package all the way from Island hopping up to our water adventures! I suggest to you guys to take them as your guide, because they won’t fail your expectations. If you want to contact them here is their number (09398450131) and look for Robert. He was the kind guide who helped us through our activities in Boracay.

Crystal cove was the first on our list during our Island hopping. And all I can say that it was great. Although the small tunnel you have to go through to get to the cave is very small, none the less I enjoyed it. The water in the cave was very deep so you have to hold on to the rope that was provided there. It was too bad my son couldn’t join us because the water was too deep. But it was a very nice experience. Plus the water was so cool. There was only one staircase for those who would like to go up or go down, so you guys have to take turns.

Note: if you’re working for any government offices, just show your ID and your entrance fee is free. My mama and papa and tita Zaida got in for free because of this. hehehe


getting ready to go Island Hopping!


tourists are busy filling up forms and getting ready to go island hopping.


This is the whole gang at the entrance of Crystal Cove



my family!


With my husband and my son inside the cove!