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GRANT! Yes that’s Grant. He’s real name is GRANT RONALD KADEN G. SALISE, born September 1, 2009 at 2:51pm through Cesarean Section. Yup, my very first operation. It was a last minute decision to have me in cesarean because my baby’s position was breached. I was so scared and was crying my heart out in my OB-GYNE’s clinic, which they all thought that i might get into labor any minute because i was so stressed. I wasn’t prepared emotionally and physically, I have always pictured myself to be in labor. To really know how it felt like, they said that you will really feel the essence of being a mother after you’ve gone through all the labor pains. Well in my opinion, i have felt all the pain in the world too after my operation. I didn’t know that I am not allowed to automatically stand up when i woke up the next day, well no one told me that it would hurt so much. The healing process and the recovery after the operation took its toll on me, not to mention the sleepless nights, the postpartum blues (which i thought that i was going crazy, but its normal). For me, I have fully experienced the essence of being a mother, and that;s having to go through every pain, hardships and all the patience in the world just to see your little angel and to have him wrap in your arms.

For me, the birth of my son was everything to me and my husband. My son is the first grandchild of my parents, and it has been a very long time since there was a baby in our house. I am very blessed to have my mom with me through out the event that i came home from the hospital. I got all the baby 101 tutorial straight from my mother who had all of us through normal delivery. My mom taught me everything that i needed to know in taking care of my son, how to make him burp, the right way to do breastfeeding, how to clean his belly button, how to make him shush during those nights that he wasn’t feeling all friendly with me and his daddy, ohh lucky me!

Those were the times that I thought to myself that I really owe my mom for everything,the sacrifices that she made for me when i was still days old, the sleepless nights and all the patience in the world when I just wanted to cry all day long, Those days were the confirmation that mothers will really do everything and anything for their kids.

Now my son is growing up fast. The things he does today speaks about how grown up he is already. He’s always running, climbing, dancing, singing and running again, then watches tv then plays on the ipod. I am even a proud parent because he knows how to make the sign of the cross already. He says thank you, Im sorry and excuse me. Toddler things is what he does best right now, and im not complaining. I just want him to enjoy his childhood like i did.

I am so thankful to the Lord for GRANTING me the opportunity to become a mother.


Home Sweet Home



I have always admired our cabin in our farm. This cabin brings back a lot of good memories here for my family and some of our close friends who have shared a lot of laughter and stories with us.

Our cabin was built early 2000, while my father was very busy cultivating our farm and planting crops to be sold at the market. We the whole family decides to visit the farm we would cram up in a very small house made out of bamboo and we would set up a small tent inside for us to sleep in. as time went by, my parents decided to put up a log cabin for our family, so that every time we would like to sleep at our farm, we would have a good place to rest where we would be very much comfortable.

Looking at our log cabin, it gives you the feeling of warmth and happiness. A lot of people have asked us already who our architect was. To tell you honestly, my cousin was the one who designed our house together with my parents. they got a lot of inspiration from books and the internet. We also have a pool, which my father really liked because of the cold water. I can say that this is my father’s dream house or should i say log cabin for that matter.

I love the wood outside the house, makes me feel like I’m in another country. My mother worked hard with the help of some of our caretakers to make the garden as beautiful as it is now, filled with flowers and trimmed grass. My parents left some of the Pine trees surrounding our farm, my father said that the Pine trees makes the farm cooler and adds more homey feel to it. The interior of the house is 80 percent made out of wood. We also have a fireplace, where my family and i gather around usually after dinner to warm ourselves and just talk about anything under the sun. My mom likes to sit beside the fireplace most of the time because she cant stand the cold. We have a small masters bedroom in the first floor, and foams are set on the floor up stairs on the second floor where my siblings and some friends usually stay.

A lot of fond memories in our log cabin, like my mother’s 50th birthday was celebrated there. She had a western themed birthday where she had all her guests wear cowboy costumes! My husband also celebrated his 27th birthday here also, since we have a small coffee shop beside our house that we are managing. My parents also celebrated their Silver Wedding Anniversary here in our log cabin.

You see that’s why i love this house so much, i was here when i was still in high school talking to my parents about what i want to take up in college beside our warm fireplace. When i was in college, my husband was the first guy i ever brought with my family here in our log cabin. When i got pregnant i stayed here at our log cabin with my father and my husband because my father was teaching us hot to manage our farm. My son is now turning 3 years old, and our log cabin has seen it all. Nothing compares to the house that you will always call home, where the walls are made of stories of our family and some also from our friends which has already stand the test of time. The smiles that we shared with each corner of the house that makes it more alive and happy. There was never a dull moment when we were there. My family has shared our house with a lot of people already, and our family is very much happy to share what we have. that log cabin was built our of love , honesty and family.

Now, our family has decided to share some more to other people who would like to experience a day with our log cabin. We have decided to rent it. At first we were looking for a suitable name for it until we found the perfect one, COZY CABIN. well, the name speaks for itself already. Since we started to rent the house, its such a fulfilling experience when the people who stays at our house compliments us that we have a fine cabin. Seeing them smile and laugh with their family and friends makes me feel proud and happy that we have made other people happy also.

I can always say that our log cabin has been our HOME SWEET HOME.

Game of Thrones



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At first, i have always wondered what people were talking about this new HBO series last year, but i havent given a thought of watching it because i was so hooked up on Supernatural and Pretty Little Liars.

While i was watching the Emmy’s last year, Peter Dinklage (also known in the series as Tyrion Lannister “the Imp”) won the title as Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series. I was curious on how his acting was on Game of Thrones that made him win that award.

So Early this year, i finihed watching some of the series that i have downloaded, i thought of going backto reading. So i posted on Facebook and asked some frieds what books could they recommend me to read. A few books were suggested but there were 2 that caught my interest in their titles, which was the hunger games trilogy, and The Game of Thrones also. So i decided i should first watch the TV series of The Game of Thrones. The Verdict? I am inlove all over again! the plot of the story and the cast has left me wanting for more episodes! the characters of the series were portrayed in an excellent manner! This is how i became a fan of Peter Dinklage! He acts the part right, and i loveTyrion Lannister’s character too. After finishing the whole season 1, I starte to read the first book. A song of Fire and Ice on my iphone. since i love the story as it progressed on the book, I am now going to buy the paperback version, because a book like this deserves to be displayed in my mini library. Now waiting for te other episodes in season 2! thanks to all my twitter friends who encouraged me to watch this show! Will be reading the books a few days from now, and i am so excited.



Mother’s day is just around the corner. here in the Philippines it has always been celebrated every 2nd Sunday of the month of May. I’m sure everybody would be looking for a great way to celebrate that day of thanking their beloved mothers for all the sacrifices that they have made for them.

As for me, i might give my mama something sweet on her birthday. Now im wondering what my husband and baby boy will give me on that day?

My mother has always been a very good baker! Her favorite cake to bake was her famous Carrot Cake. My sister followed her footsteps and became a culinary student and now a chef.

I now present to tou guys my sister’s Red Velvet Cake! This is my Red Affair. As you can see, the design of thi cake makes it a good gift for mothers on mother’s day. The rose design on the cake makes you think that you’re giving your lovely mothers a cake and also a dozen white roses. I love the design so much, it makes me think how pure and how beautiful a mother’s love can be.

Beneath that love frosting is a Red Velvet Cake. The taste of the cake compliments the slight sweetness og the frosting. The cake itself is very soft and very delectable. I wasnt a fan of Red Velvet Cakes before, but having to try my sister’s cake makes me think that next to having a chocolate cake addiction, i am having a red affair with her Red Velvet.

This is why i find this cake suitable for a gift on mother’s day, the cale is very soft and yummy, just like a mothers heart. full of warmth and love represented by the Red Velvet cake. and the rose designed frosting makes ut extra special, of course you only want the best gift for your mom! the best thing about the whole cake, i that you can share it with the whole family.

Advance Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms in the world! happy mother’s day to my mama and my mother-in-law